This Week in Comics: Guess Who’s Back?

Here’s to the fastest death reversal in comic book history (I think), Bucky Barnes is not dead yet. In the issue Fear Itself 7.1: Captain America, Steve Rogers discovers that his friend and former sidekick and the current fella to hold the mantle of Captain America after his own “death” in Civil War, is actually still alive and kicking. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bucky was discovered to be barely alive after getting pwned by Sin, and was subsequently revived by Nick Fury’s last dose of Infinity Formula. Several takeaways from this issue, Bucky’s “funeral” goes on with a LMD taking his deceased self, while he goes about tying up loose ends as the Winter Soldier. What will happen to Nick Fury since there’s no more Infinity Formula….are his days numbered?

Coming in 2012…Winter Soldier #1.

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