In Memory of Steve Jobs at Apple Store Hong Kong

I flew into Hong Kong for an 8-day holiday on the 5th of October. On the morning of the 6th of October, barely 5 minutes after wishing my fiancé Happy Birthday, I saw on TV breaking news on the death of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. The impact on Hong Kong news media was immediate and although I spent the entire day in Disneyland, I heard that the media, both print and TV had a field day.

The newly opened Apple Store at IFC is Hong Kong’s only official store. It is barely a month old and is now transformed into a part shrine to Steve Jobs. It’s pretty easy to understand the sentiment the people of Hong Kong have for Apple’s iconic innovator. Take a look around at the passengers in the always packed mass transit systems, and you are bound to find iDevices around you.

The iconic image of the Apple logo with Steve Jobs’ silhouette replacing the usual “bite” was created by a 19 year old Hong Kong student. It has now taken its place as THE ultimate tribute to the man, and at the same time has become a great source of pride for the people here.

I went over to the IFC today, to see for myself the shrine that came about. The atmosphere was one not unlike a celebrity’s funeral. There were post-it notes stuck to one side of the store, and even a wreath of flowers. Even before I managed to find the Apple Store, I over heard people asking where is “ping guo”? That’s Apple in Cantonese, the local dialect.

I snapped the following collage of photos, higher res ones to follow after I’m back from my holiday






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