Super Laser: The Alien Fighter (iPhone) Review: Impressive Modern Day Sci-Fi Shmup

While I didn’t have a video game console like a Nintendo as a kid, growing up in Malaysia’s premiere navy base allowed for other niceties, namely access to Olympic-class sporting facilities, the occasional navy ship ride, and other recreational facilities, including the rec room frequented by officers (I think).

EpicForce’s Super Laser: The Alien Fighter reminds me of the Toaplan shmups that I used to play at the rec room, complete with the weird title. But while it brings back fond memories, this game is impressive as a modern day iOS optimised sci-fi shmup.

The game puts players in control of the Super Laser space ship, out to destroy aliens who are hell-bent on making Earth their new home world. The touch controls are refined in a sense that even though you need to move your finger around the screen, your ship is never really obscured by it. Like I’ve said earlier, this being a modern-day shmup, additional control options such as the virtual joypad and motion-based controls reflect that part

Super Laser features a new form of weaponry that I’ve not seen in other shmups. The Super Laser can be equipped with Orbiters, think of  them as an implementation of active/passive defense. These orbiters are located in fixed points around the ship, and one can use them by crashing them into enemy aircraft. Alternatively, placing enemy craft within the orbiter bullseye will cause the orbiters to open up laser fire on the craft. This is pretty cool stuff.

Power-ups can be picked up along the way,and this can affect the weaponry carried by Super Laser. And like other shmups, shooting at the power-ups will change them, so keep on shooting until you get something that you like.

The vivid, colourful 2D graphics on Super Laser represent some really nice eye candy and the level of detail here isn’t something that can be easily achieved in 3D shooters. The game boast a diverse set of enemies, all neatly rendered by the game engine and I must say it handles the action quite well with aplomb.

Nine Over Ten 9/10 rates Super Laser at 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for USD 0.99. Check it out over here:

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