Star Reversi (iPhone) Fails To Connect, Forget About The Review

Honestly, I don’t really like having come up to a “walled garden” login screen in a casual game. If you ask me, it just defeats the purpose. Case in point, Star Arcade’s Star Reversi game which requires players to sign up using either Facebook or registering my e-mail address with their Star Arcade system.

Well, I’m not about to use my Facebook account to check out a game, so I decided to go ahead with the e-mail sign up, only to meet a fail screen. Ahhh… the whole scenario is like someone at McDonalds offering up cheap burger deals but before you can enjoy your cheap, fast-food meal, you have to give up your details in a buggy electronic form. Failure to sign up means no cheap burger for you.

If you are going to offer some form of social gaming service (I’m just quoting the game’s description on the iTunes App Store), just be sure that you don’t screw up your backend, or the frontend code for that matter. Or better still, don’t make the sign up a mandatory thing, it’s a damn nuisance. And look what you’ve got? A squib of a game.

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  1. Foli Raheem July 31, 2011

    Hi Jason,

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check it out.
    We can admit that we overlooked a tiny detail and because of that, “creating a Star Account” email form is case-sensitive, meaning the first letter which is automatically set as a capital will prompt the error message. To everybody who reads this and noticed the same thing, we apologize. Although we work with machines, we are still human 🙂 We have already corrected this mistake along with others, and the update should be available very soon.

    As in question to the registration, it is hard to play an online multiplayer game without a profile. I believe every game has this. However, we are not asking for you to scan you birth certificate and send it to us, we just ask for the most basic to be able to identify and help if a needing situation occurs.

    It is a shame that our login screen bug let a very fun game we created go unnoticed. Jason, I hope you can find the patience to give it another try when we fix the bug?