Doodle Kart Multiplay Races to iOS Devices

A particularly interesting looking top-down racer has just been released on the iTunes App Store. Released yesterday by j2sighte, Doodle Kart Multiplay is a Doodle style top-down driving game featuring stationary-related weapons used to fire on opponents during several cup and championship events that players will have to make their way through. There are even special items that will enlarge the vehicle enabling it to run over other cars.

Hong Kong – Doodle Kart Multiplay, a top-down racer by j2sighte, has driven into the iTunes App Store for just $0.99. The unique racer is a very different driving experience on iOS, featuring stationary-related weapons to fire at your opponents during the several cups and championships users can make their way through.

Doodle Kart is a Doodle style top down driving game. It’s funny and addictive which you’ll think the game is so unique comparing with other driving games. Items/Weapons are supported during the race. You can fire a pencil/bullet to attack opponent’s cars. For some special items, you can even enlarge your car to run over the other cars!

To unlock the next stage, you need to play the Championship mode (on either one difficulty) and get gold cup (1st) in the last stage you unlocked. To unlock Dark mode, you need to play the Championship mode (on either one difficulty) and get gold cups (1st) in ALL stages.

The Doodle Series by j2sighte:

There are many, many Doodle-based games in the App Store. However, none of them feature the same unique taste as j2sighte’s Doodle series. Doodle Kart Multiplay comes as one of the many different games based around similar artwork, so if you’re one of the hundreds that have purchased a Doodle title from j2sighte, you’ll be very familiar with Doodle Kart Multiplay. If you’re new, there’s no need to worry – the controls are extremely simple and easy to get used to.

Pricing and Availability:

Doodle Kart – Multiplay 4.2 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. There is a Lite version available. Check out the game over here:

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