Nine Over Ten 9/10’s Day Out In An I.T Mall

Taking a break from video game reviews, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve last shopped in an I.T mall. Petaling Jaya’s Digital Mall is one of those tech-meccas that are nearer to my place compared to that of Low Yat Plaza in KL and I did lay down a pretty penny for a number of stuff today. I upgraded my MacBook Pro to 8 GB of RAM from the standard 4 GB, and it was a relatively cheap upgrade at just RM 250 (~USD 83), and if you are a fellow MBP owner, this upgrade is well worth the cheap price tag.

The iPad 2 was recently launched in Malaysia and I didn’t miss out the chance to try out a demo unit at an Apple Reseller store in Digital Mall. It’s pretty cool and like very other Apple Reseller in Malaysia, this red-hot device is currently out-of-stock for all models.

I then bought a PCMCIA USB 2.0 expansion slot for a friend of mine, since the laptop she’s using doesn’t have USB 2.0 ports at all. It’s actually the old Dell that I’ve been using all this while before I upgraded to the MacBook Pro early this year. This was somewhat a rare find considering nobody uses a machine that old anymore.

I also bought a cleaning compound of sorts that takes the dirt and bacteria off keyboards. It’s quite interesting, since the texture is jelly like and malleable. I’ve not tested it yet but look out for a report on that.

With Sony’s Playstation Network still down, I was actually hungry to buy any game to play on a screen that’s larger than the iPhone’s (meaning my MacBook Pro). All my enquiries on StarCraft 2 yielded disappointing price figures. I can’t understand why the South East Asian version of the game is so expensive, it’s cheaper to just get the US edition online and save USD 20 in the process (I’m downloading the client now, having bought the key at Offgamers.)!

So there you have it. Nine Over Ten 9/10’s  day out :).


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