Destructopus (iPhone) Game Review: Excellent Side Scrolling Destruction For A Cause

It looks like the Sony Playstation Network is out for the count with who knows when it’ll be back up again. In times like this, it’s reason enough to fire up the iPhone and get some game reviewing done. Our subjects today are Glitchsoft’s latest side scrolling action game for iOS devices, Destructopus, and it’s unlikely (and ugly looking, but well meaning) one-eyed monster of a protagonist of the same name.

If I were to put a finger on it in terms of genre classification, Destructopus is roughly in the same vein as Super Mega Worm whereby players controlling a terrifying monster doing…err..terrorfication among the general populace. In the case of Destructopus however, it comes with an environmental message (everyone’s going green these days, so why not a video game).

Destructopus woke up one morning after an oil spill and decides to go on a rampage in a number of pretty diverse levels to stop further environmental degradation and to help rescue endangered animals. Throughout the levels, players will encounter a multitude of enemies and obstacles, but none of these are insurmountable with judicial use of Destructopus’ bite, claw and eye beam. Yup, this guy is definitely inspired by Godzilla.

Movement is controlled by virtual buttons and whether what kind of ability Destructopus unleashes depends on where the user taps or hold on the screen. Levels come with a time limit so players not only have to think on how to approach the opposition, but have to do so quickly and without getting too many hits. Unlike Super Mega Worm which has gone totally retro, Destructopus features eye-catching pixel art, the kind that I like (and just because of that, this fine game is made even more awesome).

Glitchsoft has done a great job coming up with Destructopus, and I highly recommend it with a 4.5 over 5 rating. Get it as soon as it’s up on the App Store!

The game has been approved by Apple and is slated to be available on the iTunes App Store very soon. In the mean time, stay tuned to Nine Over Ten 9/10 or check out Glitchsoft’s website over here: A review code was provided by Glitchsoft to Nine Over Ten 9/10 for the purpose of this review.

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