Interesting News Day: Virtual Gold Farming, Microchip Art, Hawkeye, FragFX

Bumped into some interesting stuff online today. BBC News’ has an article on how the sale of virtual goods such as MMORPG items online seem to benefit poorer nations. This is based on a report by infoDev on the Knowledge Map of the Virtual Economy. It’s a pretty interesting read, especially the part how a virtual gold farmer earns his keep. So should farmers third world countries swap their hoes for a keyboard and mouse instead and play World of Warcraft? Read it over here:

On to other news, Wired has a nice feature piece on artwork in microchips. It’s not all production work over at microchip factories, as some engineers with spare time on their hands have come up with cool art sketched onto the silicon of microchips. And the simple fact that there might be a sketch of a pistol in your AMD processor is simply mindblowing:

See that guy with that high-tech bow up on that overhanging construction rig? That’s Hawkeye. And he’s in the upcoming Thor movie. IGN has an exclusive clip from that movie with Hawkeye hanging around somewhere in the middle. Catch it over here:

Play-Asia’s taken to selling FragFX’s latest line of killer controllers named after fish with very sharp teeth, for the Sony PS3. Check out the Shark, Barracuda and Piranha over here:

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