War of the Green Lanterns: The Story So Far

The War of the Green Lanterns
is the latest galaxy spanning story-arc epic involving the Green Lanterns, and one that I’ve been following with great interest (it is to make up for the rather dour Brightest Day series). Here’s a sit rep on what’s been going on so far on the front lines, and it looks like the Corps are still gonna take some heavy licks in the coming issues:

  1. Almost the entire bunch of the Rainbow Brigade (cough) have been swallowed up into The Book of the Black, no thanks to its keeper, the story vampire Lyssa Drak. Among those swallowed up include her former boss Sinestro, which was pretty ironic considering that during the events of the Blackest Night, she was left imprisoned in the same book, and was forgotten by the Sinestro Corps.
  2. Parallax is reintroduced back into the Central Power Battery at Oa, no thanks to Krona who invades the planet with all the entities that he had captured in tow. The surviving Guardians are made into heralds by Krona’s captured entities. If you think that’s bad…
  3. The introduction of the yellow impurity into the Central Power Battery causes the entire Green Lantern Corps to fall into Krona’s control, save for a handful. Ganthet does a Boodikka and loses a hand, not by having his hand cut off, it’s just that his ring blew up.
  4. Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan are in hiding having being stranded after duking it out on a snow covered planet ironically nicknamed the Green House.

This is pretty exciting stuff. This story-arc encompasses all three Green Lantern books, namely Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Emerald Warriors. What I’ve garnered so far about the reading order is as follows: GL #64, GLC #58, EW #8, GL #65, GLC #59, EW #9, GL #66, GLC #60 and EW #10. At this rate, this story arc looks like it can be completed within 3 months. Do check¬† it out.

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