Xombi #1 (DC Comics) Review: Funny, Enjoyable Read

I received a letter from a reader the other day regarding my comic book reviews and he recommended the relaunched Xombi title by DC Comics. I’m not familiar with the title, but if you are reading this Rick, I’m glad I took your word for it.

The Xombi in question is David Kim a medical researcher who gotten infected by nanites which turned him into a Xombi, virtually immortal and in his own words “some sort of immortal weirdness magnet”. The book couples the stuff that Hellboy comics (which are my favourite) are made of such as fantasy and urban legends with an underlying trend to more than willingly make fun of itself.

Ever heard of  superpowered nuns that go by names such as “Nun of above” and “Nun the less”? and books that can infect you with semi-colon cancer? Xombi mixes such deadpanned humour and puns that first time readers like me would find really funny, engaging and wanting for more. John Rozum should be given an award or two if he hasn’t got some already.

Xombi #1 ends with a cliffhanger and I can’t wait for Xombi #2. Xombi #1 should be at your local comics book store now. Do check it out. And Rick, thanks for the recommendation man.

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