Appboy Brings Application Check-In Like Foursquare Brings Location Check-In

You know how Foursquare allows you to check into locations? Well, I discovered something really interesting this morning when I was reviewing a iOS game. The guys over at Appboy have a new SDK called Appboy+ that allows app developers to build in “app check-in”.

This means that instead of checking into locations (ala Foursquare),  end-users are checking in their app usage, and at the same time earning points, gaining Captionships for particular apps if they turn out to be the most frequent users, and even unlock badges.

Users have the option to inform their friends via Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare on what apps they are running at that point of time. This in turn helps promote the app.

Friends also get to see the location in which the user is using the app. Again, just like Foursquare. On the developer end, they get to offer promotions, something like Foursquare’s Specials whereby checking in to a particular app will allow for custom promos and rewards.

This is pretty interesting stuff, this Appboy+ SDK. Hope to see more of it on other apps as well. If you are on Appboy+ as well, look me up, the username is zorocaster.

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  1. Craig March 15, 2011

    Calling all iphone devs contact me if you are interested in a new app check-in service with @Appboy. Craig @