I’m A Cheap-Ass Gamer. What About You?

It’s a public holiday today; did I mention that I finally bought Street Fighter IV for the iPhone several days back? It was at 0.99 cents, a damn good bargain for those who actually waited for the price to drop, and it’s probably needless to say to the audience of this blog (since you probably have the game), the game ROCKS. Hehe. It’s proof in the pudding that good things come to those who wait.

I remember when the game first debuted at USD 9.99 and even though the game had plenty of bells and whistles, the price was too steep for me considering that I can go to town buying up to 10 99 cents games and probably get more than my money’s worth in entertainment.The price went down to USD  4.99 at one point, and some of my friends took the plunge and bought the game at that juncture.

I waited on considering that I still can get plenty of games for that money. Finally, the price went down to 99 cents. I think I have EA Mobile to thank for this, since the apparent success and pricing pressure exerted from their earlier game sales would have played a part in making Capcom and other game publishers to sell their wares at the same price points.

Waiting for game prices to drop before snapping them up is an acquired taste. I’ve been a cheap-ass gamer for a very long time (almost all my Command and Conquer titles are pre-loved, and so are quite a number of my DS games), so it’s isn’t hard for me to do so. But if you want to go down this road (a lonely and difficult one), you’ve got to have patience and be able to resist temptations like pirating stuff like no tomorrow.

P/S: No harm using tools like Appshopper to monitor pricing as well 🙂

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