Kids These Days: Teenager Gets Credit for Coming Up With Idea for an iPhone/iPad Game

You’ve probably read about how recently a 14-year old teenager who created an iPhone game called Bubble Ball (read about it here) and that game even knocked off Angry Birds off the top of the free games chart for a while on iTunes. This is not the first time though that teenage developers made the news, two years ago, a nine year old kid came up with  Doodle Kids for the iPhone (read about it here)

Joining the bandwagon (somewhat) would be an 11 year old, this time taking credit for “coming-up-with-an-idea” that sparked the creation of game (done by this kid’s dad’s friend). They even came up with a press release on PRMac for this, unbelievable, even the title reads “11 year old inadvertently creates hit iPhone Game” *sic*. Jumping on the bandwagon? Striking when the hammer is hot? You decide after reading the press release below:

11 year old inadvertently creates hit iPhone Game

Carrollton, Georgia – From the developers of Monsters Love Gum comes FLUP, a new iPhone and iPad game that brings a unique 3-D twist to the classic slider puzzle genre. The initial version includes 36 levels of brain-busting puzzles with more levels and a new game mode in the works.

Sorta Precision CEO, Matt Greene says the most common question regarding FLUP is “Where did the idea come from?”. “I have to give all the credit to my 11 year old son. One afternoon on the way out of the dentist office he was given a little plastic slider puzzle.. you know, the kind you used to get in a Cracker Jack box. Later that night he came into my office with 8 paper cubes that he formed from construction paper. He had drawn these little stick figures on each of the faces and said “dad, can you solve my puzzle?” Immediately I thought, holy cow! this would make a great iphone game.”

Greene then created some simple cube models and textures and tested the concept with Cheetah3D. After a bit of tweaking he worked out a simple template and sent the assets to his partner and lead programmer, Leo “the nerd” Chang. “My son was so excited when we got our first few puzzles implemented. He insisted on not only getting his name in the credits but wanted a piece of the action.”

Greene did not disclose the share his son was given but said it was fairly significant. “I doubt it will pay for his college or anything, but he’s as happy as he can be. (Since it’s release, FLUP customers have downloaded about 25,000 copies). Greene says his son has been hard at work designing and sketching new ideas. “I hope he continues to have an interest in Game Development, it’s much safer than his current career goal, professional skateboarder.”

FLUP is available on the App Store at a price of USD 0.99. Check it out here:

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  2. iPhone Development January 27, 2011

    Today’s generation kids are much more smarter and tech savvy then the grown up ones. Imagine a 14 year old kid can beat a game like Angry Birds with his Bubble Ball game which is the most popular game on iTunes right now. But the sad part is that these kids are loosing their childhood so early, they think and behave like adults. Inspiring stories, thanks for sharing.