Setlist Metronome: The Best Musician Tool on the iPhone/iPad Gets Updated!

Back when I was younger, I was enrolled into a music school to study and play the electronic organ. While the electronic organ was a fascinating piece of musical instrument (with all the sounds it made, it was also programmable and accepted 1.44″ floppy discs), it was the metronome sitting on top of the grand piano (the school’s showpiece) that caught my eye…I thought it was a toy.

It wasn’t until I moved to a big city music school that someone actually bothered to explain the function of a metronome, which is used by pianists (or any other musicians for that matter) to practice by setting a tempo. Those who played the electronic organ didn’t really needed this as the pieces we played on usually called for “accompaniment” which in turn set the tempo.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are electronic metronomes on the iPhone. And one of them is Setlist Metronome from Diatche Software. It’s an interactive 3D graphical metronome that according to the developer, is useful for musicians and advocates of music. The new update brings about a even more polished and beautiful user experience based on the earlier feedback from users. Check out the following press release for details:

Setlist Metronome: the best musician tool on the iPhone

January,6, 2011, Auckland, New Zealand – Diatche Software announces the update for Setlist Metronome, a useful musician’s tool that performs all functions as a classical metronome at exquisite graphical enhancements. Musicians can really enjoy using the Setlist Metronome to improve their timing skills (drummers especially) as well as playing along with their favorite song.

Setlist Metronome is easy to use. The user can set the time signature and then tap the device to set the tempo. Increasing or decreasing the tempo is also conveniently done to ensure accurate tempo settings. Setlist Metronome allows also to save settings and create a metronome specifically for a certain song. All of the saved song settings can be placed into a playlist that will automatically play. This feature is convenient for musicians who just want to sit back, relax, and play along to their favorite songs while letting the Setlist Metronome automatically run.

The metronome can be used by the traditional clicking, vibration, or a flash. The flash feature is really useful for bands that want to record or play a song without the clicking noise in the background. The band can just turn off the lights and follow the flashing from the device to keep time. A musician of any kind of instrument playing any kind of genre of music will find Setlist Metronome incredibly useful.

“After receiving so much positive feedback from our users, we made every effort to bring an even more polished and beautiful user experience to Setlist Metronome. I believe this is our best work yet.” – said Pavel Diatchenko, managing director of Diatche Software.

The app is available for download at:

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