Has Handheld Gaming Changed Your Console Gaming Experience?

Being addicted to Age of Zombies on the iPhone can be proved to be rather detrimental to my console experience on the PS3. I bought a copy of Dead Rising 2 on the cheap the other day (USD 26.90 at Play-Asia, click here) and I found that even though the premise is somewhat similar (shooting and whacking the crap out of zombies), I really miss the hyper-kinetic violence accorded by AoZ.

Dead Rising 2 felt sluggish and while it attempts to portray somewhat realistically what would happen if you were to lift up a water barrel beat the shit out a zombie, it’s just simply too slow. Just give me the gun-totting combat from AoZ and I’ll be a happy camper. One thing that games on the iPhone have yet to deliver (for me) is the open world experience accorded by games such as Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

How about you? How has handheld gaming changed your console gaming experience?

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  2. Marauderz December 26, 2010

    You don’t play DR2 for agreesive zombie hordes. It’s more to simulate the slow shambling zombie hordes with one or two aggressors. And your main problem are the humans who try to take advantage or go crazy in the situation.

    If you want to play the run away from zombies pouncing for your brains, play the Left 4 Dead series preferdably 2… oh… you’re on the PS3.. okie then…

    Isn’t the DS port of GTA available on the iOS, think that is open world. More or less