TeamLava Brings Free-To-Play Treasure Hunting with Treasure Story (iPhone/iPad)

TeamLava is on a roll with the release of a new addition in its “Story” series of games, title “Treasure Story” which focuses on treasure-hunting. I would have lost count on the number of games released this year by this prolific studio specialising in “free-to-play” games on the iPhone/iPad, but hey, check out the press release below for more details:

Dig Into Groundbreaking New Adventure Treasure Story, Out Now on the App Store: Escape the winter blues in the latest installment of TeamLava’s megahit “Story” series.

SAN FRANCISCO – December 16, 2010: The leading social game developer, TeamLava, today announced the release of its new loot-hunting game for iOS devices, Treasure Story. The sixth title in TeamLava’s chart-topping social game series, Treasure Story invites players to explore lush tropical islands, digging for treasure and collecting rare artifacts to trade for in-game prizes. Treasure hunters can set their metal detectors aside to design and customize their very own tropical island.

Food including crab, wild boar, fruit and other delights can be cooked on bonfires and eaten to build energy for digging, while cute animals and tropical island scenery boost experience and increase energy potential. Treasure Story also lets players share their slice of paradise with friends via Facebook Connect. Free to download, deceptively simple and richly social, Treasure Story is designed to deliver exciting, accessible gameplay for players of all ages.

Treasure Story is TeamLava’s most ambitious title to date. Rather than managing hungry customers, players start on the beach and venture inland to the jungle, unearthing valuable items as they go. Hunting for buried treasure may be lucrative, but it’s no easy task. To level up faster, players can build a community via Facebook integration and gifting, letting them share their lush hideaway with friends and family. Like previous chart-topping Story games, Treasure Story is free to download and play and offers a persistent user profile with attributes to level-up and secret unlockable items. Pack up your flip flops and get to digging – new content will be released EVERY WEEK so the game continually gets even better!

Treasure Story Features:

  • Simple and addictive treasure-hunting gameplay; you never know what you’ll dig up next!
  • Design your island paradise with buildings, animals, flowers and tropical scenery.
  • Retina Display enabled for bright and beautiful tropical visuals.
  • Share your island and earn extra-special tips from friends
  • Invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors, then gift items and help each other progress.
  • Support for a persistent user-profile to save player progress; Game Center integration coming soon.
  • It’s totally FREE, with fresh new content every week!

The sixth game in TeamLava’s explosive Story series, this treasure-hunting title follows culinary chart-toppers Bakery Story and Restaurant Story. All six games have entered the Top 5 Free Games charts in the App Store.Treasure Story is designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A network connection is required to play. It’s a free download and is available now on the App Store:

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  2. rosie August 8, 2011

    How many times can you mention in one article that the TeamLava games are “totally free” to download and play? I didn’t count, but it was a lot. And that is actually a BIG FAT LIE! The games are indeed free to download, but they are not “totally free” to play. They are far from “totally free” actually. A lot of the items in each game cost real money to buy and use. In most games, more items are pay than free. I’d say 2/3 are pay, of course they are the nicer ones. And the ones that ARE pay are super-duper expensive. 24 gems cost 5 dollars and 24 gems will buy you 1 building/deco item in City, 1 decoration item is Restaurant/Bakery/Nightclub/Fashion/Zoo and i am guessing in Treasure too. Often 1 item costs 35, 45 or even 70 gems. Which is almost 15-20 dollars for ONE ITEM! They also have most of the 5 dollar items hidden in their “surprise” chests and boxes. You pay 5 dollars and don’t know whether you will get a tiny dumpster or a huge mansion in City. Or pay 5 bucks and don’t know whether it will be a little lamp or a huge fountain in Bakery/Restaurant. The chances of getting the big items for your 5 bucks are like 1%, i believe. Most of the times you end up with a little tiny flower/dumpster/vase/wall hanging, etc. that can barely be seen if you are not fully zoomed in.
    I can see whoever wrote this is a fan of TeamLava, given the amount of times the “totally free” lie was repeated. Yes, the games are entertaining, addicting and fun. But be honest and call it for what it is – a very EXPENSIVE series of games to play. Especially if you play more than one.

  3. tokyo_nights August 8, 2011

    Hi Rosie, thanks for putting up the comment. Allow me to reply. First up, it’s a press release, secondly, I did count the number of times where it is mentioned “totally FREE”, and that’s just once in the article. Do note, that at the start of the article, I’ve already mentioned that the company specializes in free-to-play games. From your comment it’s pretty obvious that you’ve played the game a lot, and from there you can make up your mind on whether the game is worth your time or money. If you think it’s an expensive series of games to play (duly noted on that point btw…the only free-to-play game that I’m playing now is Tiny Tower…and I’ve not spent a single cent), then it’s probably time to lay off those games?