Guns’n’Glory (iPhone) Game Review: Tower Defense with Cowboys and Indians

There was one mission in Red Dead Redemption that required the player to, with the help of several NPCs, raid a cattle-rustling gang at their hideout located in a long winding canyon. The player will have to use the high ground (the canyon’s ridges) as leverage to take on the superior bandit forces on the canyon floor. It was a pretty fun mission, and little did I expect a tower defense game to follow along the same premise, whether is it intentional or not, I don’t know, but Guns’n’Glory on the iPhone is one heck of an experience.

The game is one Tower Defense game like no other in which the player taking up the role of being the bandit in the Wild West, hiring dynamite-tossing Mexicans, desperados, and even Red Indians to shoot up settlers, coaches, cowboys, gold transports, etc in order to earn gold. The money can be used to upgrade/expand his or her motley crew or buy even more powerful weaponry like train mounted Gatling gun and cannons!

As you guessed it, the towers in this TD game are your gang and as a very important twist to the genre, these guys are moveable all around the canyon as players pick out spots to ambush all-comers. Because of this, the game’s difficulty level quite tough and players will have be dynamic and constantly on their toes, directing the movement of their fellow bandits to take on the swarm of settlers moving in, often from 2 or 3 different entrances to the canyon.

Littering the Wild West are bonus chests, providing gold nuggets and handy (but temporary) power-ups to individual bandits. This comes in pretty handy since if you let too many settlers escape and eventually the Sheriff will be alerted, resulting in a game over for that particular level. You’ll definitely need all the help (and power-ups) you can get. Players also can spend gold to upgrade individual units for more firepower.

The game’s difficulty and fluidity does not make it every TD fans’ cup of tea. Some would prefer a static placement of towers instead of the constant marshaling of forces around the level. Some would prefer to deal with 1 linear path instead of the 2 or 3 in which Guns’n’Glory would have the players totally swamped. But if you are a TD fan and looking for game that’s different from the rest of the field (and yet crazy challenging), this is the game that you should be getting into.

Guns’n’Glory by HandyGames is now available on the App Store for just USD 2.99. Check it out over here: Recommended.

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