Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold (iPhone) Review

When I realised that I had to gamble my way through the casino levels in Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold before getting to the real deal (as in the actual Deal or No Deal mode/level, pun totally intended), I thought that the game was playing a little hard to get. But was the experience worth it?

The game is divided, like a casino, into 4 levels. And in each level, you play typical casino games (such as Blackjack) to earn money, which is then used to unlock more types of gambling tables before ultimately unlocking the Deal or No Deal. Players start off with Blackjack followed by Poker, Roulette and other games like Slots and Craps, but let me tell you a secret.

Forget about the other tables, the best way to earn money in Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold would be to play Poker. The game (at guest level) puts you up against only one AI player and one way to cheat is basically to raise as much as possible until the AI folds.Possible money milker in upper levels? You bet!

The Deal or No Deal mode should be familiar with those who watch the game show. Basically you start of by selecting a suitcase with a certain amount of money (unrevealed of course) in it from a whole bunch of suitcases. Then there will be several rounds of eliminating several suitcases at a time, and after each round, the banker will make the player a deal, a certain amount of cash (which may or may not be more than the selected suitcase).

It’s up to the player to decide whether to take the cash and leave, or eliminate the rest of the suitcases to see his/her first choice. During my first try, I took the banker’s deal which was nearly USD 5,000, but if I stuck with my guns, I mean my first suitcase, I would have gotten USD 18,000 instead. Mehhh.

Back to the initial question: Was the experience worth it?  These games of chance, in my opinion, do add value to the game (and also to provide some CGI eye candy). The Deal or No Deal mode is even better, there’s a slight feeling of tension on whether to accept the banker’s deal, or stick with your suitcase. The only problem is, you can only play Deal or No Deal once per level, and this mode is only unlocked for unlimited play when you beat the house (all four levels).

I can see the logic though, as players can end up milking the mode more than Poker. LOL. In any case, Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold is something different than what would I expect from a DonD game. The tables add more to the replayability of the game, and if you can get pass the relatively easy (to the point of being annoying) experience in the guest level and graduate to the upper levels, you should be in for a fun (if not frustrating..hehe) time.

Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold is now available on Apple’s App Store for a price of USD 1.99. Check it out over here: Recommended!

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