How I Spent USD 10 on Apple’s App Store for my iPhone

Every month I put in USD 10 into my iTunes account. It may sound like a meager amount but I use it to buy apps, especially games and with many of them priced at 0.99 cents and the myriad of offers available, I’m usually able to stretch my dollar. Last month’s USD 10 was an exception case though, with me using it to purchase 1 productivity app, 1 game and 1 comic book reader app, check out the list below:

  1. Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) app ~ USD 4.99 (It was on sale!)
  2. Mega Jump ~ USD 0.99 (It turned out to be on offer this month, going for free :()
  3. Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini ~ USD 3.99

This month however, it’s been games, games and more games. I  review games on Nine Over Ten 9/10 and I get indie games most of the time, so therefore I’ve to buy some of the more “bigger” titles myself. Here’s when stuff like AppJmp (on Twitter) comes in handy with news on price cuts, free offers and on when new games come online. Check out the games that I purchased this month:

  1. Asphalt 5: ~ USD 0.99 (It was on sale!)
  2. Transformers G1: Awakening ~ USD 0.99 (It was on sale!)
  3. Words with Friends ~ USD 2.99
  4. Depict ~ USD 0.99
  5. Skate It by EA ~ USD 0.99 (It was on sale!)
  6. Pix’n Love Rush ~ USD 0.99

As you can see, paying attention to what goes on sale/on offer pays dividends, and I don’t think I can’t get so many of the higher priced items in a single month on my budget of USD 10 if I don’t do a little research. I still have a couple of dollars left. What should I get next?

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