StarCraft II Latest Trailer & Blizzard Entertainment DVD Boxset

Have you checked out the latest StarCraft 2 trailer, titled Ghosts of the Past? If you have not, I can tell you that it’s all about unfinished business. 27th July can’t come soon enough for this one heck of a space opera.

In anticipation of the new game, I brushed the dust off this old baby. Yup, not only does the Blizzard Entertainment DVD Collection box set contain the cinematics from Warcraft III and Diablo II, it contains the complete cinematics (60 minutes) from both StarCraft and Brood War! Some fool actually e-mailed me imploring for ISO copies of the discs including scans of the box set cover and individual DVD inserts, saying that he lost his own copy. Dude….do you think I’m stupid or something?

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