BloodnGuns Review (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Is that zombie carrying a big-assed sword modeled after the weapon that emo-kid wielded in Final Fantasy VII? If it were a machete I wouldn’t be surprised. And what’s this? Fireball wielding zombie? Welcome to the survival-horror (more on the former, lesser on the latter) of BloodnGuns for the iPhone/iPod touch.

The game, created by Instabuy Games is a top down shooter where you are in the simple business of killing multitudes of zombies and you have plenty to choose from to be your weapon of choice as the arenas are littered with weapons and power-ups dropped by zombies when they are killed. And I must say, after spending an entire morning blasting zombies and going up the leaderboards on OpenFeint, there’s a special kind of satisfaction in killing zombies in BloodnGuns.

In a way, it’s like Babo Violent 2 for the PC but with more enemies on the screen and you can get surrounded by 60, 70 or even 80 enemies at one moment of time.

The controls take the form of two virtual thumbsticks on opposing corners of the screen in Landscape mode. The left thumbstick controls the movement of the player character whereas tapping and moving the right thumbstick controls all the shooting action. There are several game modes available, with the prerequisite endless mode and some that pit you against certain zombie types or limit you to just using a shotgun…and DYNAMITE!

I highly recommend BloodnGuns for some really crazy top-down shooting action. However, parents would do well to note that there’s plenty of blood in this title and the splatter, or ludricious gibs to some, is pretty amazing (and yeah, it does lend to the satisfaction). Click here to check the game out over at the App Store.

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