DotEmu Announces Online Store for Retro Games

Not everyday you’ll find a video games company in which its primary business model is to bring retro games to live on modern day devices. One such company is DotEmu.

Here’s a brief on the company: DotEmu develops innovative technologies for bringing massively and quickly old video games and software to many supports: Java/Flash, iPhone/Smartphone and PC.

DotEmu notably adapted Street Fighter II, Boulder Dash or else the Ishar trilogy. Most recently, DotEmu announced the launch of a new online store which plays host to famous 80s and 90s video games and until the grand opening on May 6, many games will be made available for free exclusively during the beta phase.

Available on PC, iPhone or directly online, the DotEmu catalogue offers a real homecoming for a whole generation of gamers! Fans of fighting and arcade games can get their hands on Street Fighter II and Boulder Dash.

Adventure enthusiasts will not be outdone with games like Beneath a Steel Sky, Drascula, Nicky Boom. As for RPG fans, they will relive the Silmarils collection with Ishar series, Robinson’s Requiem and even DEUS!

An speaking of oldies but goodies, DotEmu is proud to announce that the Gobliiins trilogy is now available for download. Back in the day the game was an unforgettable adventure for PC DOS, Amiga and Atari ST gamers!

From April 26, the store and catalogue will be available in beta on Players can access many games as Ishar I, Nicky Boom 1, Metal Mutant or Transartica for free during this period right up till the official launch on the May 6.

PC games are adapted to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. All games are multilingual. For those who may encounter computer issues: don’t panic! Paid games are downloadable again at any time.

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  1. Mart April 27, 2010

    Check out too. Golden oldies at US$6 & US$10. No geo-restriction. DRM- free. It’s been around for almost 2 years now (including beta).