Gaming in March: Hokuto Musou, God of War 3 and Bad Company 2

February brought us BioShock 2, but March….March brings us a trifecta of games, consisting of Battlefield Bad Company 2, God of War III and Hokuto Musou. I’m likely to get a crack at Bad Company 2 but what I’ll be putting up cold hard cash for are brand new copies of God of War and Hokuto Musou. If you are wondering why Final Fantasy XIII is left out from the list, lets just say I’m mildly allergic to JRPGs and emo character types.

I was watching a gameplay trailer of God of War III earlier today and it looked amazing! I can’t help but be stoked that the game is going to be released next week.The only problem is, I need to hack, slash and blow stuff out of my way in Red Faction, Mercenaries, Dead Space, Bayonetta and BioShock. I suppose that having too many games can be considered a happy problem for any gamer.

So what games will you be getting this month?

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