League of Legends: Turret Defense (iPhone) Review

What do you in the course of promoting a video game? Well, you create web sites, probably throw in a Flash-based game or two or dabble a little with ARG. Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends (PC), a standalone clone of the extremely DOTA mod for Warcraft, created an iPhone game carrying the same League of Legends name, but this time, borrowing mechanics from another Warcraft mod, Tower Defense.

Calling it League of Legends: Turret Defense, the game was released on the App Store on the 23rd of December for FREE. So how does it stack up as a Tower Defense game? Well read on.


LOL:TD has more in common with one of the blockbuster Tower Defense titles on the iPhone, Fieldrunners, were enemies move from one end of a field to the other end. The player’s job would be to construct paths with turrets of different kinds to ultimately funnel and decimate these enemy forces.

However, going down the free path make have something to do with how unpolished this game is. There seems to be no stats, practically no info on how much damage any type of turret can cause and what are the effects of upgrading them. There’s also no telling what type of opponents will be coming in the next wave.

But then again, it’s free, and while it is lacking in the form of stats, it plays pretty well, the fact that the game looks pretty doesn’t hurt its cause either. Here’s a tip. Flying opponents can go from one end of the field to the other end in a STRAIGHT line, and not through the nice intricate maze of turrets that you have assembled.

League of Legends: Turret Defense for the iPhone can be downloaded here.

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    WOOT. I’ve been playing leagues of legend online! Gonna try thisss hehe

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  4. Arian Kooshesh March 3, 2014

    Tower defense is older than blizzard.