Damn You For Being Morally Grey

Did I mention that I hate trogs? These red skinned beasts, well, semi-humans, have a heck of a time ambushing people by jumping off from overhanging pipes and don’t go down  to a single punch. Good thing that they are susceptible to bullets.

Anyways, here’s a tip for all you Wasteland Wanderers who are about are now about halfway through The Pitt (in Fallout 3). Getting the cure to slaves involves kidnapping a baby, killing his parents and setting lose a bunch of mutant trogs to lay waste to dead daddy’s slaver gang.


On the other hand, siding with the slavers involves quelling a slave riot and slaving will continue until a more permanent cure is found, which is who-knows-when.

Both endings don’t feel satisfactory to me and they will not show the effects of a permanent cure (it’s a long way off). In any case you might feel like a bad guy when you are leaving that place.

Next stop? Mothership Zeta!

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