Tipoli (iPhone) Review: Disappointingly Boring

Sometimes, having an unique gameplay mechanic doesn’t automatically translate into having a great game. Case in point, Divide By Zero’s Tipoli for the iPhone.

A 2D platformer, the game has an interesting mechanic to move your character along (I don’t know how to describe it, but the closest would be like a slinky), but the game’s rather drab and boring artwork is a put-off to me. It is as if the developer ran the artwork through several Photoshop filters, creating a rather depressing sight of muted, grainy colours.


Gameplay takes a cue from the artwork, by being boring as well. While the level design can lead to several retries, your main challenge here is to stay awake.

This game is a tough one to recommend, but for the sake of impartiality, you can find it over here on the App Store. Honestly I prefer Divide By Zero’s earlier game, Rorschach, you might do better checking that out instead (click here).

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