Battle Trivia (iPhone) Review: Best Sports Trivia Game Ever?

You know, if you were to mention the term “sports almanac” to someone, chances are that person will go “Huh…what’s that?’ on you. A sports almanac would be useful though, if you are engaged in a game involving sports trivia.

You’ll definitely need one when you are playing Charles McGinnis’ inaugural game for the iPhone/iPod Touch,  Battle Trivia. Basically a sports trivia game, it aims to be the best one there is on the App Store. In order to achieve this,  McGinnis has put in over 1200 original and up-to-date questions, testing players on anything from golf to soccer and  even college and pro basketball.


A two-player game, you take turns to answer questions and getting the most correct out of a pool of 25 questions win a head-to-head matchup. I’ve  played the game several times, and I’m still blown away everytime  I start a new game.

The simple interface marks how well each player fares in each topic, and you can specify which topics to omit from your games, for example, I’m not big on American sports like College Football and Pro Basketball, but I can more than hold my own on Soccer. You can tell that alot of thought went into the design of the game; there’s even an auto-save feature that lets you pick up where you left.

And just to show the amount of research that went into the game, each correct answer is accompanied with a nugget of trivia.


The sheer amount of questions definitely places Battle Trivia at the top spot of sports trivia games, and you know what will make it totally invincible? An update facility to download more questions!

Anyways, I highly recommend Battle Trivia, and the answer to the question in the title would be a resounding YES! Check it out now over at the App Store. Click here for details.

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