AddictingGames’ Bubble Spinner Now On iPhone/iPod Touch is back on the iPhone/iPod Touch scene with Bubble Spinner, one of their most popular Flash games, now made available for Apple’s popular handheld platform. Check out the game’s description, direct from its publisher:


Pop bubbles? Yeah, I know how to do that. But the whole glob moves every time I hit it! Oh noes! You’ll have to use strategic thinking, bud. Sometimes it takes more than pressing a button to score a hit. Angle the pointer, touch the screen, KABLAMMO, score!

Classic game directly from


  • Each hit spins the mob
  • Bounce off the “walls” for more hits
  • Share your score on Facebook and Twitter
  • Clear a screen and scores double!
  • One touch play
  • Three aiming methods
  • New Awesome mode with new colors and graphics!

Here’s the trailer video:

Bubble Spinner is now available on the App Store for just 99 cents. Click here to buy now.

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