Final Fantasy XIII Posters, Drinks, Out Now

Since Final Fantasy XIII is coming out next week (you can pre-order yours at a discount at Play-Asia, click here), it’s no surprise to see the merchandize machinery kick into high gear, starting with the release of official posters and drinks (a tie-in with  Japanese can drink maker Suntory).


First up, the posters. This is the official set of posters from Square Enix and they come in a pair! The Final Fantasy XIII – Official Poster Set features Lightning and Snow Villiers. Measuring 72.6 cm * 51.5 cm and 70 cm * 50 cm respectively. You get both at the price of just USD 14.90  (click here to order).


On the Suntory side of things, The Final Fantasy XIII Potion Elixir versions 1 and 2 have a total of 16 different FF XIII character designs on the cans, and cost USD 6.90 a can. Pretty expensive for a soft drink, but I think these ones deserve a place on the display shelves of any FF XIII fan. Click here for Version 1 and here for Version 2 of the FF XIII Potion Elixir.


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