World’s Hardest Game, Right Here on the iPhone

Before you drop any snide comments on the title of this post, take a look at the following trailer for “The World’s Hardest Game“, latest iPhone/iPod Touch offering which also happens to be a port of their really popular Flash game of the same title, with more than 27,000,000 plays on their website.

Now you can bring along the torturous fun with you on the go  in the iPhone. The objective of the game is pretty simple, avoid the Blue Balls as you move your Red Square across the screen (by sliding your finger anywhere on screen), pick up Yellow Balls along the way to the Green Zone. True to it’s name, you’ll die alot in this game.


Work to lower the number of deaths as this is how you’ll be scored. So what are the other features in the game? Check it out:

  • 30 levels of pure frustration
  • Stunning 2D graphics – Touch ANYWHERE to move the Red Square
  • Optional accelerometer controls
  • Ability to save and continue

The World’s Hardest Game is now available for download at the App Store for just 99 cents. Click here for details.

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