Rummage (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

There are plenty of word games out on the iPhone. So much so that if you were to throw a stone into a room full of iPhone game developers, chances are, the person hit by the stone and  3 of his neighbours, have worked on word games some time in their careers.

I was just joking about that last sentence,  but it doesn’t change the fact that word games, like those tower defence and puzzle games, are pretty much saturated on the iPhone. So how does one stand out?


In a nutshell, Rummage is like Scrabble meets Planet Puzzle Quest, and those two are actually my favourite games!  The gist of the game is simple, spell out the words in a list (called a puzzle) on a board filled with letter tiles.You can swap the tiles left, right, up and down in order to achieve this.

Some tiles are inmovable and some tiles, like are blank, like the ones in Scrabble, allowing players to put whatever character in there to suit their particular words.

You are given 10 turns to spell a word, during which you can maximise by spelling another word from the list, but just don’t go  over the 10 turn limit. This way you get to score even more points. And having said that, the game’s concept is pretty easy to understand, but the more advanced techniques to scoring points are a challenge to master.

Speaking of scoring, the game features online leaderboards powered by OpenFeint. It seems that OpenFeint are the go-to-guys if you want to implement online leaderboards on your iPhone game but having their interface in any game might just confuse first time users.

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of word games out there for the iPhone. If you can only pick a handful, or perhaps just one game, to download and put in your iPhone/iPod Touch, get Rummage  and it’s only 99 cents (click here)!

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