Giving Out HoN Beta Keys Would Be Easy If Not For…

I was giving out two beta invites to Heroes of Newerth (HoN) on Twitter earlier today, and I came to realise that fans, particularly those younger ones, lack common courtesy and patience. Case in point was the person I gave the first beta invite to.


Unfortunately for him, the HoN registration process decided to take a break and was throwing up errors like beta key not found and stuff like that. He proceeded to ask me what was wrong and started speculating that the beta key in the invitation e-mail might be wrong.

Thing is, I’m not tech support, I’m the guy who is just sending out invites. Anyways, since the game was still in beta, I told him to exercise some patience and try again later, but I guess he must have some trouble reading.

He then proceeded to badger me to  register on his behalf (I was in a good mood, so I entertained that request), and when that failed as well, he kept asking me to send him the 2nd invite, claiming that the 1st invite was faulty (now’s your turn to be tech support, boy?).

Now, who in the right mind would do that and burn two invites on one person? Forrest Gump perhaps, but definitely not yours truly.

Several minutes later, the registration system was up and running (hey…look at that!), and I managed to register an account on his behalf. I guess he must be rather sheepish about the whole thing. And while he tried to justify his behaviour (apparently he was driven nuts by the awesome graphics..something like that) I did give him a reprimand.

And I did get an apology and a thank you in the end. Kids these days.

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