ZOOZBeat Pro (iPhone) Review

When I was a kid, I studied music and played the electronic organ for quite a number of years. One of the things that I used to do during the music exam was to compose a piece and then play it there and then.

Normally, the piece would sound ok, but for a tone-deaf person like me, it would be off in more than one place and I did get marks deducted for that.

In any case, ZOOZBeat PRO allows just about anybody to flex their musical composition skills on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s more of a music application then a game whereby you can string a bunch of beats to form a song.

The beats consist of notes played by a variety of instruments. ZOOZBeat PRO is pretty generous here, with instruments such as the piano, bass guitar, maracas, snare drum, scratch pad, hihat and many more, depending on the type of beat that you selected.

The fun and probably most pivotal part of ZOOZBeat PRO comes when you are laying down the notes. Being a little rusty, I opted at use the gesture-based mode. Basically the harder you shake your iPhone, the higher the note. Check out what I created:

Tilting the iPhone enables access to what I call the “PRO” mode. Basically, you’ll see your notes laid out on a piano-score. While this allows you to edit your notes very accurately, it doesn’t really act like a piano score.

In my case, I felt that it was missing the middle notes. Playing a scale is almost impossible here, and you can forget about the sharps and flats. And while some instruments allow you to hold a note longer than a beat, this is missing for the piano instrument.

Nerfed “Pro” mode aside, ZOOZBeat Pro has plenty of potential. With the ability to upload beats (yeah baby!), who knows, you might get noticed as the next big beat meister!

ZOOZBeat Pro is available on the iPhone/iPod Touch and you can purchase and download it from the App Store for just USD 4.99. Click here for details.

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