Achievement Unlocked: Finished inFAMOUS

I can now add inFAMOUS to my list of PS3 games completed this year. The only other game within the list would be Fallout 3. Heh.

Come to think of it, both games actually share a number of similarities. Both are free-roaming games with a strong emphasis on exploration. The ability to move about and do whatever you want is something that I look out for when I’m buying games (don’t ask me why, I just like it that way)

Not only that, both games have a karma-based system. How NPC characters interact with you largely depends on your karma alignment. Become a bad guy and you’ll get hostile reactions from almost everyone.

The similarities between the two games end ironically at the final stages of each game. While inFAMOUS allows the player to continue exploring its sandbox environment, Fallout 3’s final mission is the be-all, end-all gig in which the credits will roll and the game will end, regardless of the player’s actions.

In any case, I’m looking to play the bad guy in BOTH games, considering I finished both as the good guy. I got a feeling that I will have an easier time playing as the bad guy.

P/S: I’m completely aware that the title refers to something that you’ll normally get on the Xbox 360. Despite inFAMOUS being a PS3 exclusive, I chose it instead of the trophy announcement on the PS3 since it sounds way cooler as  title.

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  1. you fail September 6, 2009

    your quiet retarded, its not an achivement unless its on the 360, not the ps3 dont u get some trophy? not an achievement, we dont go around saying omg look at this trophy i got on halo3…

    its a tropy not an achivement dumb ass <.<

  2. Drake September 6, 2009

    FLAME!!! because we are a personal army of your lord and master, RedJeans

  3. Whitius September 6, 2009

    Ok acheivment Unlocked on a PS3 WTF going on up inside your head. For a game reviewer to mess even the most simple Headlines means you are. . . .


  4. Skitls September 6, 2009


  5. Zomb13 September 6, 2009

    well as u can see you are completly retarded. the name should be achievement unlocked. Noob status reached. but then again u own a ps3 so i dont expect u to be really smart.

  6. Doragon September 6, 2009


    1) Achievements are for 360 only

    2) If you managed to take the time and acually play Fallout 3 all the way though, you would have known that the ENDDING is dependant on your karma. More, with the additions made to the game, it is also a open endding game, with the ability to never end.

    great reporting skill hack.

  7. BBSTF September 6, 2009

    Wow and here I always thought achievements were unlocked on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had the trophys.

    Ten out ten gamers agree that this article fails

  8. Xbox360 September 6, 2009

    Simply retarded…

    Do you play games or just make articles to get your google rating up?

  9. tokyo_nights September 6, 2009, this is fun. Just a little word play and I’ve all you Xbox 360 fan boys up in arms. Poor chaps. Who is this Red Jeans guy? And by the way, I did add a disclaimer, but hey, I do know retards don’t read, but lets not go there :).

    Go on now boys, go get your game on for Halo 3 or something. Xbox 360 fan boys or not, thanks for visiting. And by the way, it’s the Internet, getting your panties in a twist over this? Tsk.

  10. […] exclusive game) in the title of a post, and wah laa, instant flame from Xbox 360 fan-boys. Click here to read the […]

  11. Nicholas Leong September 7, 2009

    Lol that was some seriously funny responses to that post. If you would have slammed the XBOX360, that would have been justified. But over a term?

    @Doragon You might want to re-learn how to spell ending. Or is that an achievement you haven’t unlocked?

  12. Anon September 7, 2009

    Kind of hard to slam people when your little PS came the day after you wrote this article. That is, we all saw this article on Saturday September 5th. Good plan to shift the dates there.

  13. Anon September 7, 2009

    nix the shift dates thing apologies. But you still added it later on.

  14. tokyo_nights September 7, 2009

    @ladyzyre…omygosh, learn to read. It’s a guide to getting a PS3 slim, not a post where I bought a PS3 slim. And FYI, I’m in Malaysia, so the question is, do you know about timezones?

  15. tokyo_nights September 7, 2009

    @nicholas, No kidding man. I think these guys suffer from a gamut of problems, from not learning how to read to not knowing how to spell. If this was a Xbox 360 bash, I would have expected the PS3 fanboys to crawl out of the wood work to join in the perceived “fun”. Heh, being touchy and anal retentive these people are. Boys, go get some fresh air.

  16. Anon September 7, 2009

    You sir are a douche. Learn to read that I said that I apologize on the dates I realized that you were in another time zone.

  17. Anon September 7, 2009

    Anyway apologies on the whole mix up I am sure you added that P.S. after we had all seen it.

  18. tokyo_nights September 7, 2009

    Haha… come on now Anon. I do hope you learn how to type in complete sentences, else you wouldn’t end up in this mess in the first place. Thing is, I can post what I want on my blog, and what’s so offensive about a Playstation post?

    Just to clarify, Nine Over Ten 9/10 doesn’t have a preference on consoles and I write on what I can and want to write about, and not just on what I own. I own a bunch of consoles from Sony, Nintendo and Sega, and if you’ve been reading long enough, you would realize that I actually wanted a 360. Only problem was the 3ROD issue, but since it’s resolved now, I probably get it at the end of the year, or the start of next.

    How bout an iPhone article or a Nintendo article next? Take a chill pill.

  19. Mr^Blue~ September 7, 2009

    I loled so much at those fanboys. Childish much.

  20. tokyo_nights September 7, 2009

    @Mr^Blue~ Great entertainment yeah? Hehe.