Of Wrong Press Releases and iPhone Games

What a weird day. Most video games sites, like Nine Over Ten 9/10, for instance, rely on PR companies to feed us news on upcoming games and events. Yup, if you think I’m cannibalizing stuff from other sites, think again :). These PR firms can represent big companies such as EA and Konami, smaller publishers and even some indie developers.

In any case, what happens when you receive a press release for a game that is “non-existant”? I received one today for a new iPhone game and I tried looking all over for the game since I needed some media files like pictures to go with the press release. Without pictures, it’s like swallowing pills dry.

But all I got was something similar from the same publisher, but with slightly different titles (Racing and Racers make for two different games, no?) and launch dates, and very different price tags (USD 7.99 vs USD 9.99).  Even the App Store link provided in the press release resulted in an error!

So what am I going to do with the press release? I’ll sit on it for the moment, awaiting confirmation from the PR rep. Slow news day today people!

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