iPhone Game Review: WordTrix

WordTrix for the iPhone is one very addictive word game that (this might sound a little cliched), easy to learn but difficult to master.  The game borrows elements from Tetris liberally, whereby letters drop down in the form of blocks, and you are supposed to form words with this.


Unlike chess where you can see the entire battlefield and plot your moves, you can only see the next letter that is about to drop. Adding to the challenge is a heavy element of luck in the game, whereby sometimes the letter that you want won’t come along even after a minute of waiting.

The game is also pretty stingy when it comes to dropping vowels. While it’s ideal to form words that are 4 letters or more in length (either vertically or horizontally, for more points and multipliers), there’s the problem of peaking too early in the game as you might find yourself increasing in levels too soon.

As mentioned earlier, like Tetris, the blocks will drop faster and it will be a frantic experience to remember what you have and what words you want to form.

To top off the experience, the game can submit your score to a global scoreboard, and you can even view your standing by country. As of the time of this review, I’m currently #2 in Malaysia.

So be sure to check out the game over here as it’s available for free over at the iTunes Store. That’s a lot of game for a free game, so what are you waiting for, download it now!

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