Saddest Moments in Video Gaming: Infantry Deaths

Ask any video gamer of my generation about the saddest moment they’ve every experienced in gaming, and the answer would likely involve some scene from some Square Enix title with some of them having the words “Final Fantasy” in them.

Well, I’ve always had a dislike for JRPGs and their various systems (my pal would say that I just don’t understand them), but because of that my saddest moment in gaming would be sending my infantry to their deaths in any iteration of the Command and Conquer games.

I have an affinity for infantry, since they are versatile little fellas who can do just about anything en masse. Having big groups of infantry hot-keyed to the first four numbers on the keyboard was normal, but deploying them in such a manner just makes their deaths a little more sadder.

First there was the really bad idea of romping through Tiberium fields, and then there were the really terrifying Tesla coils. These were followed by deaths from chemical waste and flame spewing tanks, suicide bombers, attack dogs and a seeming favourite from my AI opponents, nuclear bombs.


The last option is in fact overkill in part of the AI. I can never understand why blow up half my base (and the huge reserve of infantry) while there’s another bunch of infantry and armor marching up your back door.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to more infantry action¬† in Command and Conquer 4. What about you? What are your saddest moments in playing video games?

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