A Night of Stinky Tofu and Stolen iPhones

I’m pleased to report that there’s a food vendor selling stinky tofu (a.k.a “chow tau fu”) at Setia Alam’s night market. Although the smell is not as strong as the one selling at Taman Connaught, it managed to put off people walking within 4-5 meters of the stall.

In any case, I love stinky tofu. For the uninitiated, raw stinky tofu smells pretty awful (not to us connoisseurs though) with most people likening it to the odor of shit or that of an open sewer. It looses its smell after frying and tastes really good with the accompanying chilli sauce and fermented vegetables.

Lets switch topics before I gross you out even more. Earlier this evening, I was approached by an Indonesian man at the petrol kiosk where I was refueling my car. He’s the unsavoury type who would walk up to you and try to sell a supposedly luxury watch.

This guy however was trying to offload an iPhone 2G (handset only) for RM 1000. Judging by the fact it was in a girlish looking pouch and it still had a full charge, it was a recently stolen handset. I could have gotten it from him for half the price since he was rather desperate to offload it, giving an excuse that it was his ticket home.

But whatever reason such a person might be giving you, don’t bite the bait. It’s bad enough that someone lost his/her phone to these people, buying from them serves as an incentive to steal even more phones.

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  1. mknace August 9, 2009

    ur right
    buying from them made them more eager to steal more

  2. Joyce August 9, 2009

    Setia Alam or Taman Connaught is too far for me to go and get some stinky tofu. Hmmm…

    Abt the iPhone, I agree with you. I won’t buy it either if I know it’s stolen.

  3. jgoreham August 10, 2009

    I have never heard of stinky tofu before. I can’t really get into tofu, it’s weird stuff, can’t say I care for its texture.

  4. tokyo_nights August 11, 2009

    @jgoreham: It’s a delicacy in these parts, and also in Hong Kong as well. Fried tofu has a different texture to that of raw tofu. Very crunchy.

  5. tokyo_nights August 11, 2009

    @joyce: Hmm hmm. How about PJ? Do they have it in the night markets there?