What Do You Get When You Buy a Sony PSP in Malaysia?

Malaysian Sony PSP owners, I bet some of you have faced this when you purchased your console. It’s common practice for retailers (not Sony Centre-types) to sell the PSP in a “package” consisting of the console, charger, battery, an 8 GB Memory Stick, screen protector, pouch, earphones with remote and USB cable.

This brings about a premium of around RM 150 to the price of a standard PSP package (console, charger, battery), but bear in mind that despite some of them bearing the Sony or other trademarked logos, all those extra goodies are third party knock-offs, including the Memory Stick!


Just to give you an idea on how much profit retailers would stand to make selling the “package” to you, the wholesale price for each of the third party items (excluding the Memory Stick) range from RM 1 to  RM 2. The knock-off Sony Memory Stick probably costs lesser than RM 70, so it’s pretty much a more than 100% profit selling ’em accessories to you!

There’s no point asking why retailers do this, as the high-profit margin is the primary incentive, and the fact that knock-offs are cheaper and easier to pass-on to users. So, the next time  when you are about to purchase a PSP “package”, be sure to bargain for what its worth.

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