Movies To Watch in Second Half of 2009

There are several movies that I would like to watch this year that are not touted as sure-fire blockbusters. All of which are set in the future, have something to do with popular culture such as video games and aliens, and are pretty much dystopian in nature.

First up would be Gamer. Imagine a game like the upcoming MAG, but played out in real life by players controlling other people! That’s pretty scary,  since the protagonist potrayed by Gerard Butler is drawn against his will in a very real game of life and death.

Next on the list would be District 9. I wouldn’t have taken note of this if not for Nuffnang’s latest blog post but it’s still home to a very interesting premise. Aliens are here, on Earth, having being granted asylum. But what happens when such goodwill goes un-returned?

Last but not least, it’s the comic book-to-movie adaptation of The Surrogates, headlined by Mr. Yippeekayay himself, Bruce Willis. The original source material was a noir-ish detective story set in a future where people control substitutes of themselves from the comforts of their own homes.

Bruce Willis’ character is a police detective who investigates several cases involving the “deaths” of several surrogates. I wouldn’t mind if it turns out like a futuristic version of Die Hard. :

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