Video Game Addiction: Your Say

This is interesting. My dad presented to me a pretty good case of video game addiction in the form of my 12-year old cousin. While I knew that the kid’s repertoire during family gatherings include sitting akimbo with a frown on his face (and acting like a grumpy old man) when his Gameboy gets confiscated, there is more to it.

He was introduced to first person shooters on the PS3 by another relative (an uncle), and until recently used to ask my aunt (his mom) to send him over to the uncle’s place to play video games right after school. He also took to using the word “Kill” rather judiciously in his daily speak.


The first thing that came to my mind was why would anyone let a twelve year old near a game like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? I’m in the opinion that¬† parents or in this case, guardians, should watch over what video games children play and keep a lid on the number of hours they spend on the console.

Violent video games + unchecked play time can be a potent recipe for disaster. The kid was practically lethargic and sullen when he was not allow to play on the PS3 in a recent family gathering, and from I heard, was also languishing in school.

Parents, if you are reading this, do show a genuine concern on what your kids are playing on the 300 dollar console (200 if it’s an Xbox 360 Arcade), that you bought. You might just save someone’s future just by doing that.

To keep video game addiction at bay, introduce your child to other form of activities. Sports are a good bet; badminton, soccer and basketball are staple favourites at the neighbourhood playground; swimming and hiking are good alternatives as well.

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