Realism in Video Games

It’s pretty strange to see how some gamers talk about how realistic games are, particularly first person shooters in real world settings such as World War II. The question I would ask is whether one has been in a combat situation to actually say that whatever unfolding on the flat screen panel is exactly like the real thing.

Here’s a suggestion to video game developers, you know, to up the ante, to put money where their mouth is. How about a game, a FPS game set in WWII to be exact, that you pay for, and can only play ONCE. At any point where you get killed, that’s it, it’s game over, nada, zilch, kapish. You don’t get to play a second time, at all.

In a way, it’s like real war, but it will cost you not your life (you can thank your lucky stars for that, I was about to suggest having someone shoot you for real), but the price tag of a game.

Even if you do finish the game in one piece, you don’t get to play it again. After all, who in the right mind would want to experience the horror of war over and over again?

How’s that for realism?

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  1. A Gamer July 21, 2009

    Um, when gamers speak of realism, it’s not in regards to the scenario it’s more about how the game looks realistic graphiclly. It’s about the game looking like it would if you were actually there, operative word here being “looking”, as in have the appearance of, or visually realistic.

  2. amenwolf July 21, 2009

    I can imagine that…
    But what’s the horror? playing it just once?

  3. syikin July 21, 2009

    hmm.. when a player says realistic, it usually has to do with the controls, graphics and the ability to draw the player into the game, giving all the necessary adrenaline rush and whatnot to the player.

    n one time play in each game?? u think this is the arcade gallery is it? developers who does that will know the real meaning of player’s wrath and as usual, boycotting of purchasing game.

  4. tokyo_nights July 21, 2009

    @syikin @ a gamer: I’ve heard of some gamers comparing it to the real thing. I don’t think it’s a bad idea coming out with a game like that, totally like art imitating life minus the cost of a life, to address this sort of crowd :).

    But of course, if one were to come out with such a game, one would be putting disclaimers all over the place.

    Gamers aren’t that dumb to buy into stuff that are disagreeable to them, so don’t go degrading yourself or other gamers for that matter, syikin. Personally, I’m insulted. Heh.

  5. tokyo_nights July 21, 2009

    Maybe I should label this post as sarcasm, since it’s pretty clear no one seems to catch it.