InFAMOUS Hijinks

“What are you doing?” “Jumping around like a monkey”. It doesn’t help much that the protagonist (or antagonist, if you go through the storyline) for inFAMOUS looks a little bit like a yellow monkey, the fact that he is jumping around and scaling the side of a building adds to the impression that he is a simian of sorts.

Yup, I’m back at electrocuting people on inFAMOUS, and while I’ve been spoiled by spoilers (heh, pun) that I’m supposed to drive my character to the dark side of the Force (I mean, you know, abusing powers and stuff like that), I just can’t bring myself to wreck mayhem.


Instead, I find myself in familiar, if not, comfortable role of guardian to the city, protector of the helpless, electrocuter of evil, blah, blah, blah. Like in Fallout 3, I just can’t be  the bad guy. But while being the good guy still gets you some flak (afterall, the protagonist, I mean antigonist, oh well, is THE TERRORIST), it just feels satisfying helping people.

If there’s any blemish to my goodie-two-shoes character, he has picked up a new hobby, which is jumping off tall buildings. My character is like a cat, practically impervious to anything except water, and jumping off tall buildings just to see how he crashes does feel a little hedonistic. No other game would let you get away with it, not without cheat codes.

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