Warpgate (iPhone/iPod Touch) New Trailer

When I first got my hands on alpha build trailer for Freeverse’s upcoming iPhone title, Warpgate, I was thinking, wow, it’s like a mashup between Star Trek Armada, Homeworld and Star Command, all in glorious 3D on the iPhone!

See for yourself:

And here’s a little background for the game:

Conquer the universe: Warpgate is a 3D space trading and conquest game where players can master the galactic commodities market, battle space pirates, and meet several friendly and hostile alien species.

It features a fluid and ever changing economy, 6 warring factions including 2 alien species, full arsenal of weapons including lasers, missiles, shields and beams, all spread over a galaxy of more than 75 planets and space stations in 32 star systems.

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