Nine Over Ten 9/10’s Top 3 iPhone Games

Here’s a simple question for all you iPhone/iPod Touch users out there: What are your top 3 favourite games on the iPhone/iPod Touch?

In my case, I’m totally hooked on Tower Defense-kind of games, so it’s no suprise to see not one but two TD games within my Top 3¬† list. Check it out:

1. Scrabble

I love word games, especially Scrabble. Since it’s pretty difficulty to get people to play Scrabble with me, I’ve taken to Scrabble on the iPhone. While the DS edition introduced a tacky story mode to the game, the iPhone version keeps it old school with some new multiplayer features.

The AI is abit of a pushover even on normal, so you might need to select a higher difficulty level to get a “kick” out of the game. Check it out over at the App Store (click here).

2. geoDefense

This game excels gameplay-wise and aesthetically, it is a graphical stunner. Combining traditional Tower Defense gameplay with graphics that look like they were lifted off Darwinia or Geometry Wars, this game is not for the faint hearted.

Personally, I’m playing this for the explosions :). Check it out over at the App Store (click here)

3. Defender Chronicles – Legend of the Desert King

This game has a couple of things against it. There’s the terrible storyline with the horrible¬† narration that sounds from a classroom diction. But one thing this game conveys well is victory against insurmountable odds.

This Tower Defense puts a twist to creep movement and it generally works. This is tempered with the fact that you’ll lose many many times, and still keep trying. It’s addictive that way. Check it out at the App Store (click here).

So what about you? What are your favourites?

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