Rorschach: Ink-Blot Game for the iPhone Released

Remember the ink-blot test that u read or saw in the Watchmen graphic novel/movie? Well, it’s now the basis for a new party game for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and it looks to be pretty fun. Check out the press release below for Rorschach:

Rorschach, a Fast-paced New Social Game for the iPhone, Gets Everyone Laughing in Minutes

Try Your Hand Analyzing Ink Blots

SEATTLE — July 14, 2009 — Just released for the iPhone: Rorschach, a fast-paced game that will soon have you and your friends as well as family members laughing.  Learn how to play in less than five minutes.  And this is one of the few apps that allows several people to play on a single phone!

In every round of Rorschach, players pick an inkblot that answers a thought-provoking question asked by an on-screen card.  Soon everyone is interacting, giggling over the blots chosen and asking questions like why that ink blot in particular looked best to cuddle with!  Explanations are often hilarious.

Play is similar to the popular Apples to Apples board game.  Participants try to match their answers to other players by figuring out what they are thinking. To win, a player must pick the same inkblot as each other player at least once, and be the only one to pick an inkblot at least once.

Get into the psychology of your fellow players.  Can you figure out whether the other players are giving honest answers?  Or are they trying to pick the same inkblot they think you will choose?  Before long, even the kids are trying scurrilous subterfuges.

Which ink blot looks the most mystical?  Which is the most elegant, or masculine?  Players learn more about each other with each question asked.  The fun is trying to figure out what everyone else is thinking.



Based on the highly popular board game developed by Bucephalus Games, Rorschach for the iPhone offers 100 new and unique inkblot cards, custom-developed to stimulate analysis, suggest themes and get players to use their imagination. The questions cover a broad range of topics, keeping play fresh every time.

Designed for 3-8 players of all ages, 8 to 80, Rorschach makes a great game for entertaining friends at the apartment or at college on a coffee break at midnight. It’s also great for traveling in the car, even on short shopping trips. Rorschach will keep the kids busy while waiting in a doctor’s office. Play time is estimated at 20-40 minutes.

Published by Divide by Zero, a savvy Seattle-based game studio, Rorschach is available from the iPhone App Store for $1.99.

Media Contact:

Luis Levy
The Bohle Company for Divide by Zero Games
(310) 785-0515 Ext. 204
On Twitter: AtmanRising

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