Nintendo DS Review: Treasure World

Aspyr’s Treasure World for the Nintendo DS is a pretty interesting game especially if you’re into wardriving (WiFi hot spot hunting) on foot. The game’s story is pretty simple, you are to help an old-professor-type to fill up his space ship with stardust.


It turns out to be Earth’s myriad of WiFi signals have the same properties as the stardust the old chap is seeking, and discovering new signals unlock new treasures! Having said that, the potential is quite possibly limitless especially if you are living in a high density area, lets say, an apartment complex with plenty of WiFi signals.

On the other hand, I’m living in the middle of no where (at least thats what my colleagues like to think), and with just one WiFi signal (mine), it’s pretty hard to make progress with the game.

Nevertheless, Treasure World has plenty in store for the inteprid gamer. Unlock collectibles to play dress up with the in-game character and create sheet music (!) with the treasures that you’ve unlocked.

Once you are done with all that, there’s Club Treasure World, where you can communicate with other Treasure World owners, trade treasures and pratically show off, all from the comforts of your PC!.

I can’t remember the last title I’ve seen on the DS featuring so much collaboration and replayability value (which may vary if you are a lazy bum),  but Treasure World is certainly worth a look at. Definitely one of the more interesting games of 2009.

Treasure World is available at Play-Asia, click here for details.

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