bit Generations Series: Should be on the iPhone?

You know, it would be cool if someone were to port over the  bit Generations series of games for the GBA, over to the iPhone. While I’m well aware that you can play GBA roms on a jailbroken iPhone, it isn’t the point. I would certainly pay for a version of Digidrive or Coloris or even Soundvoyager with controls optimised for the iPhone.

Don’t know what the bit Generations series is? It’s a set of simple, if not, really stylized casual games for Nintendo, released late in the GBA’s lifecycle. That’s probably why they are not popular in the first place.

These are pretty rare outside of Japan and while I do not have a complete collection, I do have 4 games from the series. Digidrive is my favourite both on my GBM and as the title I hope most to see on the iPhone. But since the games are published by Nintendo, I doubt that any official versions will come to Apple’s platform.

In  any case, lets hope for some clones to show up.  In the mean time, check  out the following videos of Digidrive and Coloris respectively:

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