Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America…It’s All Good

For those not in the know, Bruce Wayne is dead  (well, depending on who you ask, but getting stuck thousands of years back in time is pretty much being dead), and there’s a new Batman in town. Dick Grayson, formerly Nightwing (and before that, Robin) has taken up the mantle to become the new Batman.

While the younger guy makes for a leaner but much more agile Batman, he kinda reminds me of Gatchaman, another lean hero with a cape. Physique aside, even the cover of Batman #688 seem a little identical to the English comic book version of Gatchaman.


So what do you think of the new Batman, or do  you want Bruce Wayne back? Personally, a wise-cracking Batman with a bad-ass Robin (Damian Wayne) is quite a stretch, I don’t know how far this can go without someone bringing old Bats from the dead, or wait, is he coming back in Blackest Night?

With both Batman and Green Lantern offering really compelling stories, I’m looking forward to see what Marvel can do with Captain America: Reborn, even though the first issue was a bit of a mess. Here’s to good reads in comic books!

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  1. stephenstreets July 10, 2009

    Cool man. Bruce Wayne was replaced like few times even before night wing took over his role , like when his back was broken by bean. I definitely feel there is no batman other than bruce wayne. He is the only hero that knows what he is doing. Brave, extremely intelligent, fit, strong and being called the worlds greatest detective makes him the most formidable superhero despite the fact he doesn’t have any super powers. Which is why i feel no other super heroes dare to take on him , they know he’s prepared and will deliver a final fatal blow to them unlike superman , or other super heroes that usually give the villains more chance or time to repent.

  2. tokyo_nights July 11, 2009

    Hey stephen, you basically summed up how I perceive Batman as a superhero! Aptly put my friend.