How Do You Maintain Cruising Speed Driving in Video Games?

You know how most of the time you would be cruising downtown or on the highway, enjoying the sights?  I was wondering, why can’t we have the same thing in video games?

The problem when it comes to driving in video games, is that you will end up accelerating all the time especially when you are using a gamepad. You can’t maintain at a certain speed, unless you are driving manual, or alternating between accelerating and breaking, which breaks the definition of having a leisurely drive in either the real world or a virtual one.

Take the open-world game Burnout Paradise for example and the problem becomes really apparent as you are NOT racing all the time. Sometimes  you just want to drive about town on a leisurely pace in order to capture the sights and sounds and whatever else Paradise City has to offer.

While games like GT 5 and NFS: Shift are pushing the bar in terms of realism and what not, is it hard to ask for some cruise control in this day and age?

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  1. Kyo July 8, 2009

    Well, Burnout should have that, or maybe the next Burnout. Paradise has been great so far (getting mine soon), and its just going to be a wonderful experience. 😀 So, here’s to hope that next driving games do have cruise mode.

    Maybe not for GT though. I can’t really picture the tracks while driving in cruise.

  2. tokyo_nights July 8, 2009

    Actually it’s perfectly ok to be cruising around the race track, I know I would, just to get to know the track better.

  3. Nicholas Leong July 9, 2009

    Its called racing games for a reason 😛